Why I don’t think it’s all that necessary to believe in a Higher Power, God, JC, Allah etc.

I  have expressed an idea about how religions are created at http//religions.peaceeaseuse.com .

It is not a politically correct idea  and most people don’t want to bother to read it.

The main point is that you can get to the same place that people who believe in Supreme Beings get to by just taking similar kinds of actions. They pray to the Supreme Beings, You can pray for help too (that means getting humble) but you don’t need to pray to any specific being because its the act of praying that gets you to activate your Para Sympathetic Nervous System/Relaxation Response.
You will most probably experience less fear, more acceptance of what is and connection with other people. Want to try it?

But there seem to be a lot of advantages in believing that a Supreme Being exists

(even if the Supreme doesn’t really exist!)

First of all most people in the world seem to beleive in some kind of Supreme Being or the other so it seens to be working for them. (The tragedy is that people start fighting and get into wars and persecutions arguing about my Supreme Power is more Supreme than yours.

You gotta get into action for it to work (sigh)

I implement this idea myself daily by doing slow deep breathing as described in http://serenity.peaceeaseuse.com  and I don’t seem to need to bother any God’s, Higher Powers, Allahs etc. that may be around.

What’s your take on this , dear reader?


Thanks Brent for starting a conversation on this subject and inspiring me to write this page.
And Lissa Rankin. MD. for writing your book, Mind Over Medicine which introduced me to the importance of the Autonomic Nervous System

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