Serenity Prayer from a Neurobiological Perspective.

Wondering what the Autonomic (ANS) , Sympathetic (SNS) and Para Sympathetic (PSNS) Nervous Systems are? Check out the page on the Autonomic Nervous System

GodMnemonic to remind user to activate the Para Sympathetic Nervous System (PSNS)
Grant meBeing Humble. Humility (no ego) is a characteristic of an active PSNS. Faking it until the person praying makes it is a way of activating the PSNS)
The SerenitySerenity happens in an active PSNS. So really the person praying is asking to get into the PSNS.
To accept the things I cannot changeAcceptance is a characteristic of an active PSNS
The courage to change the things I canThe ability to get into the Sympathetic Nervous System t0 make changes
And the wisdom to know the differenceWisdom happens when the brain is fully functional which happens when the PSNS is active. When the Amygdala triggers and fear occur, blood goes from the brain to the muscles and so the brain is not fully functional.
Deconstructing the Serenity Prayer into Neurobiological statements

Are these ideas at all useful?

While these suggestions may be useful in understanding what might be happening if you say the Serenity Prayer , they are absolutely useless in activating the Para Sympathetic Nervous System and getting more peace, calm connectedness in your life.
To get this to happen
YOU MUST SAY THE PRAYER (or something similar) ITSELF.

But these ideas may be useful to agnostics and atheists who don’t like using the G__ word or refuse to believe in the existence of a Higher Power. They might be willing to accept the word usage as they get to understand that the point of the prayer is to generate feelings of humility, gratitude etc. . So they could substitute words of their choice in the prayer to have the same outcone

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