Remaining more Happy Joyous and Free when something happens that you don’t like.

Purpose of this web-page

This page proposes a methodology for recovering serenity when you or I feel emotionally upset . We will most probably be feeling angry and/or fearful when something happened that we didn’t like. If we follow the suggestions below we might be able to get back more quickly into the happy, joyous and free mind state of serenity.

How it may work for us.

When triggered we may want to stay in the triggered emotional states of anger and/or fear. If we do we will most probably take actions that we will later regret.(sigh)
If we want to become more calm and peaceful and take more positive actions we suggest you try one of the following ideas.
These ideas might help us get back into the state of happy joyous and free quicker after experiencing life on life’s terms.


Become aware of your here and now.
What is happening with your breathing, (fast, slow, deep, shallow?) ,\
What is happening with your emotions (angry?, frightened? etc.).
Whats happening around you (is there a tiger in the bushes?)

Breathe Slowly and Deeply

Take at least three deep slow breaths (say 6 breaths a minute, 10 secs between breaths). Breathe with the belly going in and out. Focus attention on the movement of your breath. Breathing this way for five minutes will produce a miracle.
You can always go to a nearby restroom and hide and take slow deep breaths!

Seek humility

Instead of blaming others, start considering what we might have done which contributed to the unwanted event happening.
Praying for the well-being or something else (except harm to others) will help us become more humble.

Become grateful

See if you can figure out something connected with the unwanted event that you can be grateful for. Is your glass half-full or half-empty?
Consider other things that might have occurred and could have made the event even more undesirable Become grateful that they didn’t happen . Express the gratitude, especially in a tangible form.
Come up with something that others did that we liked and express gratitude to them.

Support some-one else.

Come up with something we can do which another person might enjoy and do it.

Warning , Background and attempt at black Humor!

We are somewhat suspicious that we will remember these suggestions when we are triggered. If you do remember to take one or more of these suggestions and find that it helped you, please let us know by posting an entry on our blog
These suggestion are based on the some notions about the Autonomic Nervous System .
And for a humorous version of this approach, click here

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