Powerlessness and the Autonomic Nervous System

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Powerlessness in AA Literature

AA formal literature refers to powerless only once,i n step One (ref ??) and yet it is one of the most important concepts in AA . Making this admission is a precursor to wanting to stopping drinking which is membership requirement of AA . B

But what does a recognition of powerless mean? Is it an admission by the Ego that the Ego’s has lost the ability to control drinking alcohol? And if you want to adopt Mudie’s (2021?)concept that the Ego state of mind is also represents an activtion of the Sympathetic Nervous Nervous System.

If the alcoholic has recognized and has accepted his/her powerless, it most proably means they have activated their Parasympathetic Nervous System(PSNS ).Acceptance (ie lack of fear o anything) is a characteristic of the PSNS


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