Is this how it works

1/15/21Moderna #1Sansum
2/13/21Moderna #2Sansum
5/27/21Pfizer #1CVS
6/21/21Pfizer #2CVS
7/31/21Janssen J+JHerbayRX
8/7/21REGEN-COV infusionCottage Emergency
9/3/21Moderna #3CVS
History of my Covid Related Interaction

Traumatic child hood leads to lots of triggering and lot of fear which causes  more triggering (e.g my reaction to woman shouting at me). See Adverse Childhood Experiences ,ACE and Gabor Mate

Discover that drinking alcohol reduces fear effects.

Drinks more (Crosses invisible line)

Alcohol wipes out PSNS 

Person stays in SNS, experiences lots of fear, keeps using alcohol to diminish experience of fear.

May get to realize the damage alcohol is doing  to him .

Hears message of AA.

Gets willing to do what other people tell him to do in AA (Gift of Desperation)

Takes humbling action doing what other people (AA program)  tell him to do.
(Gets beaten into reasonableness)

Humbling actions  activate PSNS (Fake it until you make it)

Promises of AA come true, peace , calm , more connection with others, less recovered person lives in PSNS (mostly)