Increasing the Para Sympathetic Nervous System Activity(PSNS)/Relaxation Response.

Many Ways of Increasing PSNS Activity

There are many ways that mankind has empirically found to increase PSNS activity. Meditation, Exercise, Yoga , Tai Chi Singing, Sex , Food ,Aroma Therapy ,12-step programs Chiropractery, Crying are some of them. Click on each of the above entries for more information about their connection and relationship.

Heart Rate Coherence: an effective way of increasing PSNS.

Heart Rate Coherence is synonymous with Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia, the medical term for the same phenomenon.
When we take slow (12 sec or so) mindful deep breaths, the rate at which the heart beats ,the Heart Rate, gets entrained in the breathing cycle .This means the Para Sympathetic Nervous system is activated. We recommend the use of mindful slow deep breathing as a very effective way of activating the Relaxation Response(PSNS). Typically this is taking deep mindful breaths at five breaths per minute for at least five minutes two or three times a day. This methodology is described in the healing power of the breath by R .P. Brown M.D. and P.L Gerbarg M.D. Also David O’Hare M.D, describes it in Heart Coherence 365.
This phenomenon was initially called the Relaxation Response by Herbert Benson, M.D. and is described in his book Relaxation Revolution,

Commercial Applications of Heart Rate Coherence.

Heart Math has been very successful in supporting their customers to experience calm and peace by their propriety techniques which increase Heart Rate Coherence. HeartMath also sells equipment to support people in increasing Heart Rate Coherence.


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