How to Enjoy our Corona Virus Adventure.


To the health care workers who risk their their lives to support us in staying alive to enjoy our mutual adventure.


Yes, the Corona Virus (COVID-19) is changing our lives, causing illnesses and deaths on a massive scale. The purpose of this page is to make suggestions that, if implemented, can change the readers perspectives on what is happening to make it a more enjoyable experience and even perhaps improve the readers health.

Can you see the Corona Virus pandemic as an Adventure?

What happens when you go skiing down a slope. Yes its exciting. There is an element of severe danger in it. The scenery is changing fast. You can feel excited about what is happening You might even pay money for it and want to do it again.
So what is the difference between the Corona Virus pandemic and and skiing?
Both have an element of danger, the circumstances are changing fast, there is a lot of fear/excitement. Could you regard the Corona Virus pandemic as a VERY BIG ADVENTURE and enjoy it more?

The Glass half-full or half-empty choice.

For EVERYTHING (including and especially Corona Virus) that happens in our lives, there are aspects of it which we like and aspects which we don’t like.
We can focus on the things we like and get into gratitude and enjoy them or we can focus on the things we don’t like, resist, get into fear and alarm even though its not happening right now. Can you remember the thrill you got when you heard you were going to get a stimulus check. Did you know the busses in Santa Barbara are running free and empty! Are you enjoying breathing in and out?
I much prefer to be in gratitude rather than fear so I focus in things I like about our Corona Virus Adventure like the presence of many Zoom meetings so I don’t have to drive to get to a meeting of people I like.
Want to try it? Write down at least five items that you like that have happened since the Corona Virus appeared. How do you feel after you read what you wrote?

Want to enjoy some Rosebuds?

The poet says “Gather ye Rosebuds wile ye may, …”. You can worry if you are going to get corona virus, will you get get hospitalized?, will they have a ventilator for you?, will you come off the ventilator alive?. You can worry if you are going to get infected by that friendly neighbor who comes up very close without a mask.
But once you have done what you can about these situations, is there any point in worrying?
Come into the here and now and enjoy what rosebuds are in front of your face. Does a rosebud appear disguised as a pet? Or a loving phone call? Or the clouds in the sky sky overhead and the trees around you?
STOP WORRYING, look around you and enjoy your present of being present!!!

Want to reduce your level of anxiety?

There are many ways to reduce anxiety . One which seems to be the slow deep breathing desribed by R.P. Brown MD and P.L. Gerbarg M.D. in their book. “The Healing Power of the Breath”. A similar approach is described by D.O’Hare MD in his Kindle Book Heart Coherence 365

Do something nice for some -one else!

Considering some one else’s well-being will take your attention away from your woes and help you feel better. It’s a fact. So find some-one who can benefit from your support and give it them (wearing your mask of course).
Maybe they will enjoy reading this page? If you think they might, then share this link , , with them.
You can also be nice to the author of this page by sending a couple of dollars by Paypal to . This will help him experience a gratitude attack.

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